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Demand and Skills of a Trained Corporate Trainer

With an exponential phase of technology-based revolutions occurring world over, organizations embrace agile corporate cultures to achieve excellence in performance and deliver sustainable value to consumers and stakeholders and most of all stay ahead of the competition. Companies are realigning business processes and re-designating talent to meet with these demands. Knowledge inherent to organizational cultures, product or services, domains and industries must be disseminated amongst teams to stay relevant and support the organization agenda. Meaning, reskilling and upskilling talent is therefore urgent than ever before.

On the flip side by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be replaced by millennials and for the first time ever, we have four generations in the workforce co-existing. Corporate Trainers will play a vital role in the revolution of Industry 4.0 to help organizations to reskill and upskill talent. Research shows Corporate Training Market is to grow at aCAGR of 9.06%during the period 2018-2022.

Understanding the audience, their desires are critical for a corporate trainer. Unlike children, adult training needs more craftsmanship in delivery. Merely knowledge of subject matter would not necessarily make you and I a good corporate trainer.

Here are 4 tips as to how you can outshine as a Corporate Trainer amongst the rest.   

Improve on your storytelling

It is a psychologically proven method to connect with your audience. It helps showcase your personality which will make your audience comfortable and open to listen to what you got to say.

Be Precise & add variety to your delivery

In general, an adult can recollect approximately 10 % of what is seen, 30 – 40 % of what is seen and heard, and 90 %of what is seen, heard, and done. Though we learn through all three senses, all of us would prefer one of these methods as dominating. So, building variety in delivery will enhance the quality in delivery. Yet, if the key message doesn’t come out precisely, audience may disconnect from you.

Be Interesting and insightfulness

As an adult, the first instinct is to assess ‘what’s in it for me?’ The more relevant and practical you sound, the more buy-in. That’s where Adult Learning Theory comes into play, because how you put across your message also matters. Unlike children, adults must first build a desire and motivation to hear what you ought to say.

Improve on your self-awareness

Public speaking is no comfortable business when you’ve got around fifty people and hundred eyes on you frowning at you, only to understand the gist of your core message. When anxiety builds, unconscious behavior occurs, and you face undesirable outcomes. It is also a barrier to connect with your audience. Achieving self-awareness through technique and practice will help your speech be more congruent to your core message.

Our globally accredited Train The Trainer (TTT) program tells you why and how andragogy can be effective so that your audience opens ups to you rather than happened to walk away during your speech. We will also show you how training on public speaking is beneficial to advancing in your career and how you groom today to be a better leader, better communicator and certainly a better Corporate Trainer.  

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