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Modern Skills of Leadership

Did you know?

  • 75% of Generation-X workforce will be replaced by millennials by 2025
  • 40% of Gen Zs already regret accepting jobs with only 51% aspiring for longer career at their organization
  • Of all age groups, millennials, or Gen Zs, are the most likely to quit a job because of substandard technology.
  • 82% said that workplace technology would influence their choice to accept a new job.
  • 23% of Gen Z candidates listed development opportunities as a top attraction driver. (Gartner, 2019)

Today, understanding your employees, their needs and aspirations is vital to ensure you retain top talent within your organization. If you are a leader or an aspiring front-runner, your people management skills will help you that much more to either out-run or run you over your competition for top talent.

Know when and how to leverage support from others to help you manage your drivers of growth and profitability in business. Understand techniques of managing diversity. Learn the art of exhibiting a people centric approach whilst transforming your organization. Or, understand the psychologies of people behavior to build you a high performing team. 

Our custom-made leadership development programs are developed to support you develop practical application of leadership strategies not merely a personal transformation effort. We can help you in assessing your current application and introduce transformative approaches to your role to improve effectiveness of your efforts. We will start by identifying what work processes and frameworks you as a leader is comfortable with, and then adapt those processes for development.

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