DAASH Global

Simulation ​Based Learning for EY Professionals – Building High Performing Teams

The nature of work is evolving. Advancing technologies and different outlook of the new generation in employment must be able to collectively and consistently meet business goals.

Recently, at DAASH, we conducted a Simulation ​Based Learning Program for a group of Ernst & Young professionals.  The program was a well-thought-out and conceptualized effort as an outdoor group activity-based training to amplify Team Building and Interpersonal skills towards further developing a high performing team.

The Simulation-based training is an exceedingly effective way of delivering adult learning reflecting Andragogy – the adult learning theory. Our Outdoor Activity Based learning program integrates cognitive, technical, and behavioral skills to deliver the best learning outcome. It is crafted to surface a true-to-life learning environment that mirrors real-life work and scenarios. Each activity provid optimum means for our client to assess how well the team put to practice their skills and decision making at each simulated activity. The outcome of each activity – at instances – a unlearning and relearning mediation for the leadership, in the context of identifying hidden talent, understanding limitations and capacities within teams.  

Our purpose to exceed client expectations at each Intervention has armed DAASH to be able to deliver impactful & modern employees development training programs. With over 15 years of mastery in conducting Outbound Training and Simulation Based Learning Programs, DAASH excels in its capacity to customize each program to bring out desired learning outcomes.