DAASH Global

Corporate Training Solutions

Telesales & Service Training

Selling is a skill which requires non-stop learning. Most people in sales use to sell over the phone at least part time. Therefore it’s time for you and your team to evaluate how to use the telephone and learn where it fits into your sales and marketing mix. We at DAASH Global facilitate your team to develop communication skills, persuasion and negotiation skills to help personalize every sales call based on each situation.

Team Building Solutions


Companies have used variety of organizational models and corporate structures to enhance efficiency and productivity of their organization. Team concept is known to be one of the effective models since it helps to enhance productivity and motivation among employees.

Therefore we, at DAASH Global have designed unique corporate team building solutions required for all types of organizations to maximize effectiveness of your team. Our panel of experts will guide your team with a series of interactive exercises and activities in areas such as planning, decision making and problem solving.

Strategic Planning and Thinking

Everyone in an organization needs to identify where their company is heading. For this you may have to create a strategic plan and complete with the organization vision, mission and values.  This training program will assist your team to identify what you want to do and get your team where you want to go.

Self-Motivation Skills

Self- motivation is essential to stay focused and engaged when achieving goals and objectives. Therefore this provides an overall training for your team to gain more skills and tools to be motivated when performing your job roles.

Sales Training Dynamics

This program will focus on developing your sales teams selling skills, customer relationship management (CRM), personal driving motivation through self-discovery process.

Reading Body language as a Sales/ Service tool

Success of each professional depends upon our interpersonal skills including body language. Body language can make or break our relationships depending on the signals you send to others. Managing and mastering your body language would certainly enhance sales/service performance.

Outdoor Activity and Adventure Based Training

We at DAASH Global facilitate Adventure and Activity Based Outbound Training Programmes customized to meet our client expectations. Our Outbound Training programmes consist of uniquely designed activities and challenges that provide fun and interactive learning experience.

New Employee Onboarding Training

Successful onboarding usually support organizations to reduce the loss of productivity and time since it helps new employees to adjust to their new work environments effectively.  This program will help to learn the essentials of onboarding which includes the methods used to prepare and organize onboarding programs for new employees with induction methodologies.

Measuring Training Results

There are several reasons to participate and take training. However the value of that training will be seen by meeting the required objectives and behavioral changes that takes place after the training.  This program would explore the essential elements of evaluating and measuring training results while creating a process that’s simple for Trainers and Human Resource Practitioners to implement.