DAASH Global

Protecting Our People, Operations and Values during a Global Crisis..

Protecting our people

People comes first. We must all ensure the wellbeing of our employees are at the forefront. Leaders must create a safe environment and, also safeguard the business continuity. The company must align with directions issued by the local authorities and run an impact assessment of its people at all levels. We can look at the option to and leverage on intelligent automation (IA) and Robotic Process Automations (RPAs) while deploying virtual talent. 

Employee communications, policies and messaging

Remote working concept has been in practice with some of the professions like Software developers. The success factor is to establish uniformity in communications with precis groups to help leaders and managers to ensure businesses would continue to strive forward during these deceiving days. Policies will support the organization bring clarity and guidelines to employees. After all, safeguarding confidentiality is crucial. Chatbot’s, messaging platforms must be established connecting all people.

Agility, flexibility and empathy

The reduced revenue will impact your business. Are you going to stand still or adopt agility in business? ‘Agile Business’ is also no foreign concept. Naively, we’ve already, may have thoughted or adopted the concept to our businesses. Difference about it today is that the pandemic has left you and I no choice than to be agile or die. Hence, you must unlock potential for teaming, innovation and collaboration. Your contacts must allow for reteaming to ensure your resources are aligned to your purpose. However, leaders and managers must understand virtual teams may not be everyone’s forte. Practicing empathy hence is essential ensuring people are motivated to contribute to the organization goals and objectives.   

During these turbulent times, employers need not resort to closures or bankruptcy. As balancing cost in short terms is vital we must secure our Long-term strategy. Change, adaptation to the new is vital – Our people can move us forward.  

Harshana Dassanayake – Director