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Corporate Training Solutions

Managing Pressure and Maintaining a Balance

Each Individual becomes pressurized when they become extremely busy or when dealing with difficult people. Therefore this program would help the participants understand causes of work pressure by helping them to manage and reduce work pressure and train the ways of creating a balance.

Managing Generation Gaps

There are different generations in a workforce and it’s essential to manage them in order to be successful in your Business. Therefore DAASH Global will facilitate your Team with a comprehensive understanding about these different General Gaps and helps you understand certain issues and explore strategies and creative solutions to overcome them.

Managing 21st Century Customer Expectations

Consistency is the key in Customer Service. An Organization needs to build their reputation while making the customers want to come back! Different customers will have different needs and expectations. The front-liners of your Business will be your ambassadors. Training and up skilling them will be your Competitive edge.

Management Skills for Middle Managers

Developing your Middle level Managers will contribute for a smoother business operation and will engage your staff effectively. This is a key challenge and a competitive edge in any business. Good Managers can create motivated and engaged employees.

Introduction to Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro- linguistic programming is an approach used for Communication or Personal Development. This is all about bringing your unconscious thought to the surface that would help to interact and respond with the real world. By following this basic up-skilling programme, your Team will be able to get some Hands-on Experience and Develop a Deeper Rapport with others.

Leadership and Management Development

Organizations need leaders and the support of their subordinates to achieve its Mission. A Leader needs to effectively motivate themselves and others to achieve optimal results. Therefore we at DAASH Global facilitates many Leadership and Management Skill Building Programmes namely, “ 21st Century  Leadership Skills” ,“ Manager as a leader” and “ Management Development Skills” (etc.). Learn the Art and the Science of leading Teams which will ultimately help to maximize organizational performance.

Interviewing Skills & Certification

The cost of wrong recruitment could incur immense productivity and revenue loss for an organization. Enabling the Managers and Executives (HR and Business) to master this skill will be an investment.  The Interviewing Skills by DAASH Global, will help your Leaders & Team learn specific techniques to Read, Study and Master the Questioning Technique to pick best talent.

Giving Effective Feedback

This one day course is designed for leaders in organizations to assist them learn how to deliver feedback and the importance of delivering feedback to Employees, Peers or someone else. This can be official or in general personal communication.

Emotional Intelligence Series

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage our own emotions and recognize, manage and influence the emotions of others. This is an essential factor in personal and professional success. Therefore this will help you and your team develop both your own and others emotions by learning how to manage those emotions especially when under pressure.