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Corporate Training Solutions

Business Presentation Skills

It is a fact that presentation skills are required to almost every field in an organization and it’s equally important for an individual’s success as well as an organizations success. And this is a must for all business and leaders. There are situations where public speaking and presentation skills can lead you to advance your career while creating more opportunities. Most of the people are terrified during their first public talk, but good preparation and practice with good presentation skills helps to reduce these fears. At DAASH Global we will train you and your team to enhance this critical skill.

Business & Social Etiquette

Considering today’s corporate world, executives and managers are expected to understand, respect and behave in a professional manner always. To fulfill this training requirement DAASH Global has designed and delivers modern practical development interventions to avoid feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Building and Evaluating Performance with KPI

One of the greatest challenges of Human Resource Management is evaluating and measuring the employee performance effectively and efficiently. Therefore we at DAASH Global will help organizations build key performance indicators for corporate jobs.